2014-2015 Golden Shelf Winners!

Congratulations to our 2014-2015 Golden Shelf Award winners, Ms. Rickabaugh’s class! This spunky, spirited, and creative group of students earned the title of Golden Shelf Award Winning class a remarkable seven times this year. That’s a full three more stars than our second place class!


Mrs. Rickabaugh’s class worked hard for their victories. This class works hard to support each other, celebrate each other’s victories, and help each other get back on track whenever necessary. From keyboarding to reading to research and art projects, this class is up for anything and their passion for literature is obvious.


As their prize, Ms. Rickabaugh’s class got an ice cream sundae party the morning of Field Day, a perfect sunny morning.




Congratulations on all of your hard work, Mrs. Rickabaugh’s class! Your picture will be displayed in the library to inspire classes during the 2015-2016 school year.

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