2015 Hack-a-Thon – COMPLETE!

We did it!

100 hours of computer programming and coding in three weeks.


We learned. We grew. We wrote. We made mistakes. We were scared and unsure and we kept on going, anyway. We built, deleted, built, deleted, and built again. We honed our critical thinking skills, used our best logic, pushed our creative thinking limits, learned to plan ahead, collaborated with our peers, learned the importance of failure, and, even more importantly, the importance of picking up and trying again after failure.






We built Minecraft homes, controlled Star Wars robots, made flappy birds flap, and made cartoon cats turn purple. Using MakeyMakey, we turned a ball of Play-Doh into a video game controller. We took over the NBC morning news, spread the word about computer programming, and knocked C-ville’s socks off with our awesome interviews.

Most importantly, we gained critical lifelong skills. We lit a spark for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM), and gained the confidence that we need to help that spark grow. We now know – WE CAN CODE. Anything is within our reach. Now let’s get reachin’.

You make me proud everyday, but today is extra special. Great job, team.

Learn more about our 2015 Hack-a-Thon here.

Find out about our visit from NBC29 here, and click here to see our news story.

Find a list of resources to inspire a child – or a child-at-heart! – here.

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