NBC29 visits Johnson’s 2015 Hack-a-Thon

This morning, reporters from NBC29 stopped by the Learning Leopard Library to find out all about our Hack-a-Thon. They crashed a third grade Choose Your Own Adventure Code Party, where third graders get to choose their mission for the day – code your Minecraft characters to build houses? Program your own Flappy Bird game? Write your own digital Star Wars story using Blockly Java Script?

NBC29 took a tour of our library and the digital MakerSpace that we have been creating for our coding and programming time. After filming third graders as they worked, the reporters even interviewed a couple of hard-working pint-sized programmers about our challenge.

Reporters asked students what they like about coding, whether it feels like homework, and why they want to learn to code. Brandon and Graham rocked the house and weren’t nervous at all, even in front of the cameras!


Great work to the Johnson Leopards that have been working so hard to reach our 100 hour goal (we just reached 94 hours!). Thank you NBC29 for coming to talk to us and spreading the word about the Hour of Code and computer programming in elementary schools!

Keep an eye out for our NBC29 story tomorrow on the morning news. If you miss it, check back here for the link after it goes live online.

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