Books on Bikes featured on Nerdy Book Club

Happy Fourth of July weekend! What better way to celebrate this holiday than to read about your favorite community outreach program, Books on Bikes?

This summer, Books on Bikes is bigger and better than ever. We’ve got more bikes, more celebrity riders, more books, and (of course) more freezee pops. We’re biking faster, honking harder, and we get shouts of encouragement all over Charlottesville when we ride. Our second active chapter, Books on Bikes Newport News, is having a blast in their second season; our third chapter, Books on Bikes Sheboygan, is making the news all over Wisconsin with their first summer rides. It is so much fun being part of such an amazing project – and it is even more of a pleasure to have started with the organization early, so that I have the honor to watch it grow.

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Earlier this year, a wonderful story about Books on Bikes was featured in School Library Connection, a national periodical for school librarians and other educators. More recently, AlltheWonders wrote a story about summer reading and educational programs around the United States and included us in their list. And this week, we were featured in another beloved source for educators – the wildly famous reader blog Nerdy Book Club.

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Incredibly talented and all-around lovely librarian/human being Rebecca Flowers (who, you might remember, will be the librarian at Johnson next year!) wrote the blog post, describing a summer night for Books on Bikes, the purpose of the program, and the wonderful support that we have received from the Charlottesville community.

As an unabashed book nerd, I have been reading Nerdy Book Club for years. The blog is full of passionate, gifted educators determined to share their love of reading and learning with the world, and I have gotten so much inspiration from the words. It is an honor and a joy for our organization to be featured amongst these exemplary programs. I hope that you will enjoy reading the article as much as I did.

Happy 4th of July, and have a wonderful long weekend!

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