48 HOURS Only – Donate to Books on Bikes and Make a Difference!


Maybe you’ve heard of Books on Bikes before. Just maybe. After all, I’ve mentioned it once or twice. Or three times. Or… maybe a few more than that. But if you’re new here (Hi, St. Anne’s-Belfield families!), you might not know about this ragtag band of librarians determined to save the world using books, bikes, and popsicles. So let me catch you up.

From the Books on Bikes website:

“Books on Bikes is a community outreach and literacy program, created by Charlottesville City School librarians and teachers, to bring books to children in Charlottesville, VA. We hope to not only bring books and a love of reading to the children of Charlottesville, but also develop a relationship between Charlottesville residents and the local school community.”

Books on Bikes not only brings literacy and joy to the Charlottesville area, but it has inspired multiple Books on Bikes branches all over the nation – from Wisconsin to New Mexico, and even another branch in Newport News, Virginia. Our goal is to inspire greater relationships between libraries and communities all over the world.

I get one question over and over again – “I want to help Books on Bikes, but I’m not a biker. What can I do?” Well, my friends, now is your chance. Usborne Books has launched a pop-up fundraising page to benefit Books on Bikes. For the next 48 hours, they are collecting donations to go directly towards materials for Books on Bikes – including the books, hot chocolate, and warm clothes that we’ll need for our Bundle Up with Books program that is just a few months away.

Donate via Usborne Books’ fundraising page in the next 48 hours and stretch your dollar even further, because all donations will be matched 50% by Usborne books! This is a huge opportunity for Books on Bikes, and I hope that you’ll consider a donation.

Thank you to Usborne Books for supporting Books on Bikes. We are thrilled to be working with you and so thankful for your partnership! Learn more about Usborne Books here

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