Insta Review: Absolutely Truly, by Heathen Vogel Frederick

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Absolutely Truly had a lot of working components. A main character struggling with growing up, physically and emotionally; the chaos of a large family; moving to a new place as a teen and navigating friendships and romance; birdwatching as an escape; the politics of a small town; an innocuous literary mystery; and the most compelling of all, a father's return from war, unrecognizable in a million different ways. And that's only Truly, the title character. With so much going on, the reader only gets to scrape the surface of each theme. The lack of depth made Truly drag along for me, despite enjoyable writing and an engaging plot. I closed the book dissatisfied and wishing I could dissect this novel and expand on each exciting piece. #bookreview #ireadya #mystery #reading

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