Insta Review: The Green Glass Sea, by Ellen Klages

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If I were reviewing just the second half of this novel, it would get full marks. Deep, meaningful friendship, forged in a believable way! Drama! Science! Enriching historical references that even this history-challenged reader can appreciate! Five stars. The only thing hurting the second half of The Green Glass Sea? The FIRST half of The Green Glass Sea. I understand that an author has to lay a foundation, but I nearly gave up as the first four audiobook disks dragged painfully by. In the end, Dewie and Suze are worth the slog, but I'll never be able to convince a student to stick it out. It's a shame, but this novel is probably one that will sit on the library shelves collecting dust. #bookreview #ireadya #review #librarian #wwii #science #audiobook

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