Insta Review: The Terrible Two by Jory John and Mac Barnett

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😍😍 With fun illustrations, quality writing, and sassy humor that kids will go nuts over, The Terrible Two hits it out of the park. If the adventures of Tom Sawyer and Diary of a Wimpy Kid got together to write a book, The Terrible Two would be the result. Despite centering around the parent-loathed topic of pranking, this book surreptitiously features valuable lessons about determination, teamwork, planning, and open-mindedness. True, Miles and Niles are likely to inspire some copycat pranks around the house; but they're just as likely to encourage giggles, excitement, and lots of, "Can I read for just five more minutes??" I hope co-authors John and Barnett shared a serious high five for this victory. #bookreview #childrensliterature #ireadya #youngadult #macbarnett #librarian #prank #theterribletwo #loveit #highfive

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