Insta Review: A Crooked Kind of Perfect, by Linda Urban

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Oh Zoe. Wanted a piano, got a Perfectone D60 organ. Wanted a best friend, got girl drama. Wanted a boyfriend, got a…Wheeler. Zoe is an underdog that is relateable and lovable, and her tumultuous relationship with her Perfectone D60 organ is something teen readers will find themselves surprised to connect with. Zoe's agoraphobic father and his connection with an outcast at school add depth and soul to the story. A Crooked Kind of Perfect and Zoe's aching want for a "normal" life will remind readers that perfection is subjective, but loyalty and dedication are universal. #bookreview #amreading #ireadya #librarian #music #bibliophile #booklovers #youngadult #childrensliterature

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