Insta Review: Sunny Side Up, by Jennifer L. Holm and Matt Holm

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Bravo to Jennifer L. Holm and Matthew Holm, of Babymouse fame, for the guts that it took to create Sunny Side Up. Children dealing with difficult issues need to see themselves reflected in literature – and not every student will make that connection to a traditional novel. Sunny Side Up breaks the mold by tackling a difficult, life-altering issue in the unexpected (and underrated) format of a graphic novel. It may look cheerful and simple, but at its heart, Sunny Side Up tells a chilling story familiar to an increasing number of children – the difficulty of having a loved one that struggles with addiction. Sunny is a kid dealing with more than she's ready for, and her complicated feelings for her brother are made miraculously clear in this comic's panels. I am so impressed. I hope that more authors follow suit and create complex, important stories in a wide range of formats. #weneeddiversebooks #addiction #ireadya #youngadult #youngadultbooks #bookreview #amreading #librarian #middleschool #graphicnovel #wow #read

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