Insta Review: Rain Reign, by Ann M. Martin

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There is something so powerful about a novel told from the point of view of an exceptional mind. Rain Reign's narrator is Rose, a fifth grader with Asperger's syndrome, a form of high functioning autism. Aspies often fixate on particular subjects that interest them, and Rose feels most at home with her homonyms and prime numbers (kudos to the excellent audiobook narrator for nailing this). Rose lives alone with a single father who doesn't understand her, finding solace in her routines, visits from her kind Uncle Weldon, and her loving dog, Rain (that homonym name is no coincidence). When a massive storm wreaks havoc on her routines, Rose is sent spinning – and then Rain disappears, turning life completely upside down. What follows is a difficult journey of growth, bravery, and empathy, told in the voice of a one-of-a-kind character that will find a permanent place in your heart. Rain Reign was terrific. A slow start may lose some readers, but those that stick with it will be duly rewarded. #amreading #book #bookreview #librarian #library #weneeddiversebooks #autism #aspie #middleschool #ireadya #youngadult #yalit

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