Insta Review: Nimona, by Noelle Stevenson

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I want more Nimona in my life. One of my favorite YA authors, Rainbow Rowell, said this book was "full of humor and heart" and that's not only true, but fitting coming from Rowell, as this graphic novel reads like a fun and offbeat Rowell story. Fans of Rowell's butt-kicking diverse characters and exploration into what makes us human will love Nimona from the first page. Nimona is a hero, a villain, brave, terrifying, and a personification of humanity, all wrapped into one pierced, tattooed, and spiked package. It's time to teach our girls to be strong and loud; to take up space and make noise without apology. Nimona is ready to help. Mature content makes it appropriate for middle schoolers and up. If you know and/or love a girl at that age, buy her this book and have a great conversation about how heroes come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, and act for all sorts of reasons. Tell her that she doesn't need to wait to be rescued. She can do it herself. #bookreview #amreading #book #reader #weneeddiversebooks #lgbtq #ireadya #youngadult #librarian #library #rainbowrowell #middleschool #graphicnovel #femenist #wow #hero #girlpower #whoruntheworld #yougogirl #girlsruntheworld

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