Insta Review: The Honest Truth, by Dan Gemeinhart

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An unexpected equation: The Fault in Our Stars + Shiloh + Peak = The Honest Truth. Mark has spent so much of his life "sick", he doesn't even remember what happiness feels like. He loves his family, friends, and beloved dog Beau, but has lost his love for life. When his family gets another round of bad news from the doctor, he decides he's going to live out his dream of hiking Mount Rainer – with no plans of coming back. The Honest Truth was a page-turner, that's for sure, and a heartstring-tugger. But after a while, it felt like the language of the plot twists were more to trick the reader into panic attacks then to really add to the story. By the end of the book, I was frustrated enough with the overdramatic narration and constant unnecessary suspense that I just wanted to book to be over. Despite my aggravation, at its heart The Honest Truth carries a good story and a plot that will keep tweens and teens interested. This one is likely to please adventure lovers, animal lovers, and "do you have anything sad?" readers, which is a feat. Good for them, not for me. #amreading #book #bookreview #ireadya #youngadult #ya #yalit #thefaultinourstars #cancer #librarian #library #middleschool #teen #tween #youngadultbooks #teenreads #ilovebooks

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