Insta Review: Chomp, by Carl Hiaasen

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Dear parents: don't let this cartoon cover fool you – this is NOT a children's book. Guns, swearing, violence, abuse, alcohol – Chomp is a one-stop-shop for things kids love and adults want to protect them from. Wahoo and his father, Mickey, are animal wranglers hired for a seemingly simple job: to supply "wild" animals to help an actor fake some dangerous scenes for his show, Expedition: Survival. But after a series of misfortunes, the group ends up marooned and in a number of preposterous predicaments in a dangerous area of the Everglades. Tween and teen readers jonesing for the nonstop action of adult novels will appreciate the BOOM BANG WHAM pace, but don't expect any character development or depth here. The best part? The audiobook is narrated by James Van Der Beek, so my 90s self spent the whole time swooning that Dawson was in the car sharing a story with me 😍 . . . #amreading #bookreview #book #reading #ireadya #yalit #youngadult #jamesvanderbeek #dawsonscreek #library #librarian #ya #middleschool #teen #tween #teenreads #ilovebooks

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