Insta Review: Paper Wishes, by Lois Sepahban

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Paper Wishes tells a powerful story in sparse, haunting style. After the 1942 attack on Pearl Harbor, Manami and her family are suddenly forced from their home on Bainbridge Island to a Japanese prison camp in the Arizona desert. When she learned that she can only take what fits inside of one suitcase, Manami is the most upset about her grandfather's beloved little white dog, Yujiin – and she makes a split-second decision with major consequences. Manami is Japanese – but does that make her any less American? The heartbreak and confusion of the main character is overwhelmingly clear in the meticulous text. I love that while this novel is melancholy and intricate, it is also accessible to younger readers looking for a satisfying challenge. It feels more important than ever to teach students about prejudice and racism in our history, so we can ensure that it doesn't repeat in the future. I am so excited to have Paper Wishes as our next book club book – 4th graders will be reading, and 5th graders will be leading the activities and discussion. Parents, watch your inbox for more info this afternoon. #bookreview #bookcover #amreading #library #librarian #bookclub #discussion #fourthgrade #fifthgrade #childrensliterature #weneeddiversebooks #wwii #pearlharbor #ireadya #empathy

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