Coming Soon: Blind Date with a Book

WHO: 7th grade and 8th grade students

WHAT: A book club for your creative side! Set your book up on a blind date by covering the front and back covers and title. Students can use a book from your personal collection or a library book, as long as it is school appropriate. Students, whatever book you choose, be ready for another student to take it home! Decorate your book however you want – your cover is all other students will see. Then join us for a “speed dating” session where you take a look at all of the hand-decorated books and pick your new match without ever knowing the title. Once you’ve made your choice, unwrap your book and enjoy! See below for some Blind Date examples.

fullsizerender-6 fullsizerender-5 img_1894

WHEN: Our lunch Speed Dating session will take place on Thursday, February 16. Participants will get to take a look over all the decorated books and choose their favorites over Papa Johns pizza.

WHERE: The Learning Village Library

WHY: Because middle school students requested a more creative and independent Book Club, and this gives them a chance to show off their art and share their love of reading at the same time! Not to mention the chance to try out a new book that they wouldn’t normally read.

See you there!

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