Insta Review: Honor Girl, by Maggie Thrash

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Young adult fiction with a focus on sexuality and exploration is becoming more and more common, but this is the first graphic novel that I have seen on the topic. Graphic novels that tackle serious issues give me heart eyes, so you can probably guess how I felt about Honor Girl. Categorized as a “graphic memoir”, author and artist Maggie Thrash uses a combination of graphics and text to create a diary-like retelling of a critical summer from her past. Maggie is at the summercamp that she has attended for years when a lice inspection from an older female counselor suddenly alerts her to a new fact – she's attracted to girls. Maggie's entire reality shifts as she's stuck in her old fashioned summer camp hell, and she's left to figure out what is a fleeting summer feeling and what she'll take home with her in the fall. A unique format for a universal story. Teens questioning and wondering and looking to find yourselves, you are welcome in literature: explore and question and experiment all you want. We've got your back.

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