Insta Review: The Girl Who Could Silence the Wind by Meg Medina

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I jumped at this novel by Meg Medina, remembering how much I loved her more recent book Yaqui Delgado Wants to Kick Your Ass. But The Girl Who Silenced the Wind is another animal entirely. Not quite fantasy, not quite romance, not quite spiritual – Medina will leave you wondering just how to categorize this one. Sonia’s village believes that she was given a magical gift at birth, and she lives with the burden of having “the ear of God” – healing the wounded, nursing the sick, bringing home the lost. But when her prayers cannot help a friend, Sonia begins to doubt her “gift”, and is desperate to escape from the friends and neighbors frantic for her direct connection to God. Life outside the village isn't perfect, either, and Sonia has to decide where her heart and priorities truly lay. What Girl was missing that Delgado had was grit – dirty, messy, realistic writing that may not be pretty, but was painfully true. That’s not fair to say, since Girl is a fantasy, floating along dreamily on purpose. Solid writing and an interesting, updated look at Latin folklore. Unfortunately I went in with the wrong expectations, which explains my disappointment at the end, but still a story that many readers will enjoy.

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