5th grade FABLab: Robots in the Wild


After the success of our Wild Robot Book Club during the 12 Days of Tech-mas, K-8 Computer Science Coordinator Kim Wilkens and I decided to collaborate on a FABLab experience for tech-savvy middle schoolers. We wanted to give them a time and space to experiment with robotics, find a building material and coding program that they loved, and build something amazing! Over the past semester, our group has been building, coding, making lots of mistakes, and doing a lot of laughing in the Computer Science lab in our FABLab: Robots in the Wild.

You can see their projects progress on my Instagram and Twitter feeds, and check out the video above to hear them talking about Robots in the Wild, their final projects, their biggest challenges, and what they’re the most proud of. Great work, 5th graders!



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