Insta Review: Ninth Ward, by Jewell Parker Rhodes

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How do you prepare for a devastating hurricane when you don’t know what a hurricane looks like or feels like? Can’t evacuate – no money, no car, nowhere to go. Can’t buy extra supplies – social security check doesn’t come until the first of the month. For Lanesha and her beloved grandmother, there isn’t much to prepare, and no context to try and steel themselves… until Hurricane Katrina has landed directly on their home in the Ninth Ward neighborhood of New Orleans, Louisiana. I loved Jewel Parker Rodes’ bold take on historical fiction in the 9/11 story Towers Falling, but but I thought that Ninth Ward was an ‘almost’ book. This may be an unpopular opinion, but to me the Ninth Ward was almost great; almost taught me what I needed to know about New Orleans culture; almost created characters that I grew attached to; almost gave a full, haunting narrative. It felt like it needed just a couple more rounds in the editing process. With that being said, this book gets passed from student to student in my middle school classes and it’s always an easy sell in book talking. They love it, and that’s what matters! I’m thankful to have a book that tells the story of Hurricane Katrina for young readers, and I look forward to more fiction on the topic. #bookreview #weneeddiversebooks #reader #bookstagram

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