Coming Soon: Sunday STEM Shenanigans!

sunday shenanigans 4

You know by now that I love weaving literacy and computer science together to create programming and experiences that are exciting, hands-on, and engaging for kids. So when Shenanigans Toys reached out to me about offering free high-quality storytimes with a science, technology, engineering, and mathematical twist, I was so thrilled!

We’ll be working together to link storytime and hands-on building and creating at least once a month at Shenanigans Toys, located at 601 W. Main Street in downtown Charlottesville. At each event, families will have the opportunity to hear a story about creativity, perseverance, resilience, and problem solving. After the story, readers will have the chance to challenge themselves with stations, activities, and games featuring Shenanigans toys!¬†All events are free and open to learners, creators, and engineers of all ages.

Join us for our first Sunday STEM Shenanigans on Sunday, September 22, at 1 PM!

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