In Our Library, We Care

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It’s week 4, and I’m already changing everything 😉 (Do your best to hide your shock!)

We started out the year with our mantra, “In our library, we care about people.” The mantra was inspired by the book Unselfie, and hung on the wall to reinforce our library’s focus on social emotional learning and integration. This week, gazing at that wall, a student said, “But what about dogs?” Another responded, “And bugs?” Then a third piped up, “And what about our books?”

I wanted to be frustrated (because writing neatly in Sharpie takes time, ya’ll!). But they’re right. And their noticing, their growing and questioning, their exercising empathy? That’s kind of the point.

So break out the Sharpies, ‘cause we’ve got a new mantra: “In our library, we care.”

And students will be happy to see that dogs, bugs, and the planet are included! 😊 I’m excited to see how this mantra, and these tools, grow and change as the year goes on. I love that students are paying attention, thinking critically, and taking ownership over our program in this way. I can’t wait to share all of the ways that they make it better for the students that follow in their footsteps. 

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