Exploring Cozy Reading Spots


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What fits your brain and body best when you want to read? Do you like laying down or sitting up? Being squished or having space? A silent area or soft music playing? Every reader is different!

Last week, first graders used the Noticing Tool to observe new things in the library. At the top of their list? We have a TREEHOUSE! Close behind were observations about the library’s tent, the pillow nooks, and the sofas. There are so many cozy spots to read, and students wanted to know when they would have a chance to try them al. So this week, we decided to take a closer look.

First graders each got the chance to try out different types of quiet reading spots. Then, we shared which spot worked best for us and why. Some readers loved the infamous treehouse, while some found it distracting and preferred the privacy of the pillow nooks. Others liked that the sofas were bouncy and had a great view of the windows. Every answer was thoughtful and different!

It was fascinating hearing these little ones work through getting to know themselves as readers. As a bonus, this week helped to reenforce behavior expectations for some of the most fun (read: hard to handle) spots in the library. Win-win!

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