The No No Never Never Box

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 Let me introduce you to the NO, NO, NEVER NEVER! box, the easiest, most ridiculous, shouldn’t-work-but-does-every-time idea in the world.

It’s easy to recreate: Fill your No, No, Never Never Box with a mix of things that are notoriously bad for books (scissors, juice) and things that fit how library books are used best (a stuffed animal, a picture of a person reading in bed). My box includes two signs: No No Never Never and Yes of Course. Each kiddo gets their turn to pull something from the box, show it to the group, then make their case of why it should be sorted into No No Never Never or Yes of Course.

At the end of the lesson you’ve got a pile of 😀, a pile of 😫, and a great student-lead conversation about book care. All over a big ol’ box of junk! Kindergarteners, amirite?

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