Insta Review: Who Let the Gods Out?, by Maz Evans

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Calling all Percy Jackson fans – you won’t want to miss Who Let the Gods Out. Percy has a secret British cousin and he is just as stubborn, hilarious, and entwined in the complicated world of Greek Mythology. Elliott is dealing with some big problems at home and school when an even bigger problem crashes down through the roof of his barn – Virgo, a member of the Zodiac Council who has gone rogue and come to Earth against the wishes of the Gods. Before he knows what’s happening, Elliott finds himself mixed up in some pretty complicated and dangerous messes… including accidentally freeing a malicious demon imprisoned by Zeus more than 2,000 years ago. Author Maz Evans creates a Pixar-like feel with quick, snappy lines that are sure to crack kids up layered on top of more nuanced, subtle jokes that will keep adults interested. And if I’m being honest – earmuffs, middle schoolers! – I preferred the depth of Eliott’s tale to the fast and furious pop culture breadcrumb trail of most of Riordan’s books. Have this one ready to hand to your reader when they hit that inevitable post-Percy-Jackson slump. #bookreview #hilarious #middlegrade #greekmythology #kidlit #bookstagram #percyjackson

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