Insta Review: The Jumbies, by Tracey Baptiste

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Well, I’ve reached a low point in my scaredy-cat reading ways. I had to put this book down halfway through because it gave me nightmares… and it is written for fourth graders. Laugh if you want, but this is legit. Corinne lives with her papa in her beautiful home by the sea, and even though her mama died when she was little, she still loves her life. She has a gift for gardening, loves the ocean, and loves the spine-tingling tales about the spirits and monsters that haunt her home, called the Jumbies. Until suddenly, the stories aren’t just stories anymore. Real talk: The Jumbies is heart-pounding, thrilling, action-packed SCARY. But after seeing author Tracy Baptiste speak at the Virginia Festival of the Book about the book’s Caribbean fairy tale roots, I’m really wishing I was brave enough to make it through. The Jumbies (and it’s sequel) are both a big hit with my middle grade readers, Tracy Baptiste is a powerhouse (and a great speaker), and these books are perfect ‘sliding glass door’ stories. Can someone please read it and then describe it to me with all the lights on?? 😳😬😧 #scaredycat #middlegradebooks #kidlit #bookreview #weneeddiversebooks #bookstagrsm

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