The Haunted Library 2019

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On October 29, the Haunted Library opened its doors once again for a one-night-only,  hands-on family celebration. Much like last year’s event, the 2019 Haunted Library invited ghouls and ghosts to attend in their costumes and explore creepy projects and games together.

This year, middle schoolers were completely in charge of the event – from choosing the date, to planning the activities, to running the stations the night of – and they made it bigger and better than ever. Students worked for months to create games, interactive stations, art, and decorations based on the picture book A Creepy Countdown, by Charlotte Huck and Jos A. Smith.Attractions included a giant Makey-Makey Dance Dance Revolution game (where you danced with ghosts via candlelight), a 3D cardboard graveyard maze where BeeBots made their way around haunted obstacles, a haunted photo gallery set with motion sensors that made pictures talk when guests passed by, and even a live 3D printing demonstration to compliment a creepy collection of student-designed 3D printed art pieces. After playing and viewing these tech projects, families could make their way outside for a game of Ghost in the Graveyard or head to the computer lab to test out some student-made Halloween games via Scratch. And, back by popular demand, families had the opportunity to snap a photo in the Skelly Photo Booth and read and share spooky stories together.

Thanks to all of the families that attended, and a huge congratulations to the middle school masterminds behind this frightening family event! Find more photos of the action on the School’s SmugMug account.

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