Peer Mentoring: What Does a New 5th Grader Need?

This week we asked our group of 5th grade Peer Mentors: What does the ideal 4th grade graduate look like? What does every 5th grader need in terms of skills and knowledge to be successful when they begin middle school? Here’s what they created:


In case you can’t read my handwriting, here’s a few off of their list:

  • time management
  • executive functioning skills
  • organization
  • good sportsmanship (“So good it’s Gucci”, they said. Oh, tween slang)
  • confidence
  • perseverance
  • independence
  • responsibility
  • inclusivity
  • self awareness
  • self control
  • courage
  • humility

Pretty incredible, right? I’m co-running this Peer Mentoring exploratory with our school’s Guidance Counselor, and we were so impressed with their list. The experts then met with 4th grade teachers (without us in the room!) to discuss their Ideal 5th Grader and find out where the current 4th grade might need help. Our hope is to use this feedback to create customized mentoring plans and help our 4th grade buddies turn into this well-rounded student.

Do you use Peer Mentoring in your classroom or library? What does it look like? What works well for you?

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