Everyone is Talking About: World Record Books!

Welcome to Everyone is Talking About, a new feature on the Johnson Elementary School Learning Leopard Library blog that features books and series that students just can’t stop talking about! Check out our Everyone is Talking About posts to learn more about some of the most commonly checked-out, requested, and reviewed books in the Learning Leopard Library.

This week, everyone is talking about World Record Books. The Johnson Elementary School Library has lots of books containing records for things like speed or size; but when it comes to records, the Guinness and Scholastic World Record Books take the cake. These books are some of the most frequently checked out in the entire library!

Since 1954, the Guinness World Record Books have been entertaining and amazing readers of all ages with facts about world records from around the globe. Every year, Guinness releases another collection of records, with new records being created and broken all of the time. Although Scholastic started printing their World Record Books more recently, Scholastic World Record Books are easy to read and appropriate for students of all ages. Their bright colors and simple table of contents make the books accessible for different levels of fact lovers. Whether the competition is over who is the fastest, the tallest, the most tattooed, or the grossest, Johnson Elementary students can’t get enough of these fun reference materials.

Christopher, a third grade student at Johnson, is reading his way through our entire collection of World Record Books, one volume at a time. He says that he loves reading about world records because he likes to hear how people get things done. “It lets you see who does things the fastest, the prettiest, and the best,” he says. “I love to see how other people do cool things.” Although Christopher hasn’t read all six of the World Record Books available in the library yet, he’s well on his way.

Christopher says that the Scholastic Book of World Records 2013 is his favorite world record book so far. “I love it because it’s the newest one. It’s a really good book to read,” he said. He also told me that he’s already read it more than once!

World Record Books carry so much information, that it was hard for Christopher to pick one favorite part. “My favorite part is how it talks about lots of countries, and how they’re all different.” As a history buff, Christopher loves to learn about different places all around the world.

When I asked him to describe World Record Books in one world, Christopher said – “Unbelievable!” He says that he would definitely recommend these books to a friend.

If you’d like to learn more about World Records and the Guinness World Record Books series, visit the Guinness World Records website here. You can find the Guinness World Record Books, and other books like them, in the non-fiction section of the Johnson Library. A special thank you goes to Christopher for his help!

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