Insta Review: Circus Mirandus, by Cassie Beasley

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MAGIC 🎪🎉 Micah has been raised by Grandpa Ephriam, revelling in his stories of the magical circus that he visited when he was a young boy. Now that Grandpa Ephriam is on his deathbed, he reveals that he is owed a miracle by one of the circus’ most talented magicians – and Micah is determined to track the circus down before it’s too late. Circus Mirandus will interest a wide variety of readers, from those interested in fantasy and magic to those desperate to read like adults (sell it as a dupe of Water for Elephants). A favorite quote from the book describes Circus Mirandus as, “the sort of place that filled you up to the top of your head”, and it is right on. Smell the popcorn, hear the drums, and get lost in this enchanting book. You'll be surprised to find yourself somehow back on your sofa when you turn the final page.

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