Insta Review: Breaking Stalin’s Nose, by Eugene Yelchin

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What is it like to grow up in a sea of Russian nationalist propaganda? We all like to think that we have a clear picture of right and wrong and would inherently know to stand up for freedom, but what if you were raised to believe the indoctrination? Sasha Zaichik has been raised to be a proud communist. Growing up in Russia in the 30’s by a father working for Stalin, Sasha is determined to become a Young Pioneer and dedicate his life to communism like his hero father. But when the perfect tapestry of his life begins to unravel, Sasha has no choice but to see what has been hidden in plain sight all along. I’m normally not a huge fan of historical fiction, but Breaking Stalin’s Nose had me utterly hooked. Author Eugene Yelchin offers a chilling picture of Stalinist Russia and the dangers of any government that raises children to blindly accept and support without question. Captivating, boy-friendly, spooky, and short, Breaking Stalin’s Nose would be a great fit for readers reluctant to try historical fiction.

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