Insta Review: Scar Island, by Dan Gemeinhart

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The setting: A juvenile detention center (housed in an old insane asylum) on a spooky island in the middle of a dark, stormy ocean. The cast: A dozen or so troubled teens, forced to slave away to atone for sins by a cruel group of merciless adults. The plot: Spoiler alert, all the adults die. On page, like, 40. If you’re brave, you might love the way the terrifying setting of Scar Island sets the tone for all of the creepy characters and their mysterious backgrounds. If you’re brave, you might not mind reading about kids dragging dead bodies around dark and haunted sections of the prison. If you’re brave, you might stick it out long enough to figure out if there’s a plot behind all of this goosebump-y creepiness. I, however, am not brave. I gave it the requisite 50 pages and then promptly hid it in my car so I wouldn’t have nightmares. But I’m guessing that for author Dan Gemeinhart (The Honest Truth, Some Kind of Courage), this book being too scary for me will be a selling point; my readers love boasting, “That was too scary for you?! It didn’t even bother me at all!” Touche, readers. Knock yourselves out. #scaredycat #sorrynotsorry #bookreview

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