Friday Photo: A Book I Am Thankful For

Friday Photo: A Book I Am Thankful For

This week in the Johnson Elementary School Learning Leopard Library, I decided to put a fun spin on the normal Thanksgiving activity by asking students what BOOKS they were thankful for this year. Around Thanksgiving time, students complete many activities about the things in their lives that they are thankful for – but not many students stop to think about how lucky they are to have the many resources that their school library provides.

Together, we thought about our favorite books and stories, and the books that we are the most thankful for this Thanksgiving season. Then each student was given a white paper feather. Students wrote the title or subject of their favorite book, decorated their feather, and onto the turkey it went! The result is a colorful display of the many books that make our lives bright every day.

Turkey Stern (as the teachers and students have affectionately nicknamed him, after our principal Mr. Stern) is currently on display in the lobby of Johnson Elementary School, at the top of the ramp. Stop by and see him sometime before Thanksgiving!

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